Coquina Beach, Anna Maria Island

Resiliency Planning and Civil Engineering

We are a female owned and operated engineering firm. We specialize in stormwater
management systems and infrastructure solutions that improve the built environment and protect nature. We believe that development can be functional, beautiful, environmentally friendly and
resilient in the face of rising tides and increased storm intensity.

Coastal Wetlands Florida

Municipal Governments

Some of the communities LTA has served recently include the City of Bradenton Beach, City of Holmes Beach, Town of Redington Beach and City of Anna Maria. We provide a large range of municipal services that include: Comprehensive Plan updates to address sea level rise and resiliency, Standard Detail development, long range planning, Capital Improvement Program development, Sea Level Rise Analysis, implementation of projects to reduce flood and address sea level rise risk, and assistance with state and federal reporting requirements.

Condominiums and Neighborhoods

LTA has assisted many neighborhoods and condominium developments with flooding and sea level rise issues. The services we most often provide, include: Sea Level Rise Analysis, preparation of long-range Capital Improvement Program development, preparation of green stormwater projects to address flood reduction, and shoreline restoration projects to improve resiliency.

Private and Commercial Development

LTA provides assistance to businesses and private developments that must retrofit existing infrastructure to accommodate growth or climate change impacts. We provide the entire sequence of services from meeting with local municipalities from planning and zoning to design and permitting and construction observation.

Recreational Facilities

LTA has extensive experience in designing and improving recreational facilities. Most recently our project include: equestrian facilities, golf courses and country clubs, pickleball courts, dog parks, skate parks and playgrounds. LTA provides planning, design, permitting and construction oversight services to bring your project from concept to completion.

Areas of Expertise

  • Resiliency Planning
  • Green Stormwater Solutions
  • Sea Level Rise
  • Policy Planning & Programming
  • Water Resources Management
  • Flood Risk Management
  • HOA, Condominium, Neighborhood
  • Planning & Support
  • Multi-Model Transportation
  • Sports Facilities & Recreation
Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key

The Consequences of Flooding

For the last 27 years the sea levels have risen by approximately 4 inches (100mm) – an average of ⅛ inch (3.3mm) per year. It is partly attributed to the increase in ocean temperature, which causes sea water to expand. Another contributing factor is the added water from melting glaciers.

The combination of these factors makes coastal areas more exposed to being flooded than ever before and the problem is likely to increase in the future.

  • Long term problems for inhabitants
  • Effects the environment in a negative way
  • Generates major costs for cities and inhabitants
  • The financial impact will lead to higher taxes
  • Could delay other important infrastructure projects

If you missed our digital event “Mitigating the Consequences of Increased Flood Hazards in Municipalities” , feel free to review the recorded session. During the event we reviewed the driving forces behind increased flooding and how this will affect the stormwater systems. You will also learn the basic concepts for how modern check valves will minimize the problems.

To better understand how check valves mitigate flooding, please read the eBook:  “Solutions for reducing flooding in municipalities using check valves”.

I have worked with Lynn Townsend Burnett and her colleagues for approximately five years, first in the City of Anna Maria in Manatee County and more recently and more extensively in the Town of Redington Beach in Pinellas County. Lynn is an extraordinarily talented civil engineer with strong professional skills, including data collection and analysis, design and presentations to local government boards.

While Lynn and her colleagues excel at all aspects of civil engineering, their particular, special skills are stormwater engineering, particularly on the Florida barrier islands, obtaining grants for their clients, and understanding and facilitating the interaction between the real world of civil engineering and the somewhat esoteric world of comprehensive planning. Lynn and her colleagues are a real pleasure to work with and a huge asset to any client’s civil engineering efforts.

- R. Bruce McLaughlin, AICP, MCIP

Bruce McLaughlin Consulting Services, Inc.

- Richard Wapro

Wapro, Inc.