Areas of Expertise

resiliency planning

At LTA, we develop cohesive, sustainable solutions for islands and at-risk communities combatting rising tides and increasing storm intensity. Our solutions are developed through a holistic approach that considers the needs of the community, the natural environment, emerging and time-tested technology and long-term maintenance of the system.

green stormwater solutions

We provide stormwater solutions that decrease standing water and result in more usable open space than other systems. Our solutions are resilient and result in long-term improvements to water quality. LTA can design the stormwater system that works for a single property or an entire community. We specialize in green infrastructure designs and strive for low impact development including infiltration, bioswales, tree wells and cisterns. Our staff has years of experience with retrofitting stormwater systems and can design the right system to solve your stormwater problems. 

Sea Level Rise

LTA Engineers designs comprehensive solutions for communities experiencing the impacts of sea level rise and severe storm events caused by climate change. Our team has extensive experience with gray and green infrastructure options and can provide the best combination of solutions for each condition. We are familiar with Florida’s requirement for a Sea Level Impact Projection Study (SLIP Study) for all state funded projects.

Policy Planning & Programming 

LTA’s planning staff assists with all levels of plan development and adoption as well as revisions to regulations and comprehensive plans. Planning services provided by LTA Engineers includes permitting, public outreach, public hearing presentations, comprehensive plan development and updates and land development code development and updates. 

Water Resources Management

LTA’s team designs infrastructure and strategies related to water supply, quality, and regulatory compliance issues. We focus on using natural systems, green infrastructure and low impact development methods, where possible, to improve water quality and to replenish the freshwater lens and reservoirs with stormwater harvesting techniques. 

Flood Risk Management

LTA Engineers conducts flood risk analysis encompassing urban and rural hydrology and related flood impacts to assist communities in the identification and management of flood risks, coastal and overland. Staff also provides design of coastal and flood protection structures (including weirs, tide valves, levees, shoreline protection, outfall structures, pump stations, and water control structures). 

HOA, Condominium, Neighborhood Planning & Support

Our team assists large and small communities struggling with stormwater issues, sea level rise and flood risk. We provide resilient designs for each unique community and can assist with issues from failing infrastructure to shoreline restoration. 

Multi-Model Transportation

At LTA Engineers, we think communities should be designed for people, not just automobiles. Our multi-modal designs accommodate all users while accounting for stormwater storage within the corridor using green stormwater techniques. 

Sports Facilities & Recreation

Let LTA’s team help your athletic team. At LTA we have experience designing all types of sports complexes, playing surfaces, skate parks, dog parks and equestrian facilities. We specialize in creating safe, dry recreation facilities that are available for use when people want them. 

About LTA Engineers

We are a diverse, female-owned and operated engineering firm. Our passion for the environment and commitment to building strong relationships with our clients, set us apart from our competitors. A common-sense approach to engineering and construction, paired with a unique ability to think outside the box, have allowed LTA Engineers to assist coastal communities with expert technical solutions for the increasing environmental challenges these communities face. 

Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key

“I find them very approachable and an extension of my company and a great asset…………. I would highly recommend them for any type of civil engineering project you may have in the future.

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